Educhem is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of agrichemical training, including Growsafe Basic, Standard and Standard Aerial Ground Crew courses. We deliver Pilot Chemical Rating courses to meet the CAA requirements both new and renewal.

We specialise in In House training programmes to meet our clients' needs which satisfy the requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Hazardous Substance Regulations. This includes glasshouse growers using acids, alkalis and fertilisers.

We have a very strong focus on adding value to our training courses by using the Tech-Ops system keeping agrichemical users up to date on regulatory changes and new technology.

Educhem works very closely with various industries, with regular meetings to ensure what they require is delivered and built into the training courses.

Educhem staff have over 35+ years' experience in delivering agrichemical training courses and delivered the very first Growsafe Course in New Zealand.

Educhem delivers courses that are moderated by GrowSafe and CAA. 

Educhem has professional and experienced staff in all areas of agrichemical, fertilisers and Vertebrate Toxic Agents (VTA) use, and offers the following:


  • Growsafe Basic
  • Growsafe Standard Certificate
  • Growsafe Standard (Endorsed Ground Crew) Certificate
  • Educhem Chemical Rating (Aerial Application for Pilots)- Includes Manned and Unmanned (Can include the Growsafe certificate if required)
  • Calibrators certificate (calibration of application equipment)
  • Certified Handler Certificates for Agrichemicals & VTA's
  • Glasshouse use of fertilisers, acids and alkalis 
  • Preparing company Safety in the Workplace Operating Procedures and plans
  • Design and advice on the storage of agrichemicals
  • Auditing of agrichemical application both ground and aerial


Please note that we can be booked up to 2 months in advance